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Fix the WordPress Editor Jumping Issue with this Solution

It’s surprisingly easy and painless

A problem I've had with WordPress a while now is that often when I am writing or editing a long post, either the cursor will suddenly jump up or down; or the cursor might stay in the same place (or thereabouts) but the page scrolls down to the bottom of the WordPress post creation screen (down below revisions to the very bottom).

It's particularly infuriating that it seems to happen especially on longer posts, as you then need to scroll back up and find where you were actually editing! I should also note that I still use the Classic Editor (by virtue of this plugin) and am unsure if this problem exists with those of you who have started to use the new Gutenberg editor.

Anyway, after editing a particularly long post this morning and having to deal with this issue around 20 times (honestly - it was a long post!) I decided to look around for a fix and found that several people had mentioned turning off the distraction-free functionality in the editor... and low and behold it works!

So, what it this setting and where can you find it?

The full-height editor for WordPress looks as you can see above and has been designed to be as "distraction free" as possible. It's meant to allow you to focus on the content you are writing - not a bad thing of course, just not for me.

You can turn off the full-screen/distraction-free editor by scrolling up on your "Add a Post" page and hitting the "Screen Options" slidedown. Then simply untick the option "Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality." under "Additional settings". That's it!

Your option change will be saved automatically and you shouldn't have any further cursor or page jumping issues in your WordPress editor screen.

Written by Matt

I've been running web hosting servers and building websites for myself using Wordpress for 14 years. My network of sites get a TON of traffic and I use various models to monetize them - mainly display ads and affiliate marketing. Along the way I've picked up hundreds of tips and tricks that I think would be useful for anyone looking to make a website and here is where I'm going to share them. Find me on Twitter too.


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  1. Maybe I am alone on this one but I have always found it easier to just use a program on my computer to write and then just copy it over when I am ready to publish it. This way I avoid annoyances like this one and I have a saved file as back up ready to go.

  2. Wow, I didn’t think it would be that easy! I’ve been dealing with this problem for a while now and just learned to tolerate it. Distraction-free mode is nice but it’s not worth the trouble. I wonder if there is a plugin that can allow for distraction-free mode without the annoying jumps. If not, maybe I’ll just try the new block editor again.

  3. I haven’t wrote inside the WordPress editor for years. Not only because of this problem but also the saving mechanism doesn’t always work properly. I prefer to write my documents in LibreOffice Writer and then paste it over. Only issue with that is if the power goes out, I lose my document. It has happened once before!

  4. This issue bugs me to no end. I enjoy the full-screen editor a lot but this just makes it unusable. I think this bug only affects certain browsers, though. Chrome-based browsers seem to be affected but Firefox is not. Trouble is, I don’t like Firefox. The above suggestion to use Google Docs is a great idea.

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